All researchers agree on one point, and that is, research can introduce a new idea or innovation in the academic world. The main focus of a dissertation is adding value to research that already exists. You are advised not to select a topic based on its currency but subjects, aims, and objectives. In this article, you will find dissertations on sociology in the following fields: culture, criminology, industry, gender, politics, and education. Choose an appropriate topic and compose a then strong thesis statement. It should present your main idea of the dissertation paper. To get help with it, use thesis statement generator at ThesisHelpers.

Topics on Cultural Sociology

It is one of the most common topics in sociology. It focuses on cultures with their values, norms, and beliefs. Marx, Webber, and Durkheim touched on this topic in their work. The following are the topics on culture:

  • Looking at the lags facing culture in the United Kingdom
  • The impacts of invasion of culture by immigrants
  • The application of Weber’s theory of rationalism
  • The culture of the UK in the past and present
  • What are the effects of changing culture in the UK?

Topics on Education Sociology

It aims to study the impacts that face the education system through social elements. The elements are the public sector, education policies, society individuals, and education structure. The topics found within this are:

  • The history of education since World War 2.
  • Analysis of a public school focusing on the link between a teacher’s level of motivation in the class and the overall performance in a school.
  • The school environment’s effect on the pupil’s perception of society.
  • Analysis of the policies of fees and scholarships in higher institutions of learning
  • Individual problems and issues of the public that lead to the failure of children in schools.

Topics on Religion

It covers many issues that relate to the effects that combat religion and the effect religion has on society. These are studies of beliefs, religious structures in social interaction, and politics. Here are the possible topics for this:

  • Similarities and Differences of norms in religions in the United Kingdom
  • Analysis of the link that is in the void of gender and sex
  • The connections between social change and religion
  • The effect of religions on marriages.
  • The relationship between religion and institutions

Topics on Family and Marriage

They include family structures, internal and external social interactions of the family, child-parent relationships, the number of siblings in a family, systems of marriage, types of marriage, and social interaction after marriage. Here are the possible topics on this:

  • Study of relationships in different cultures in the United Kingdom.
  • The social causes of domestic violence
  • The effects of domestic violence on young ones
  • Analysis of the trend of fertility in the UK
  • Analysis of social change in the family structure

Topics on Economics

Economic sociology aims to analyze and examine socialism, types of jobs, migration of labor, communism, and capitalism, and informal economies. Here are the topics available for this:

  • The social impacts of the sprouting gig economy
  • The sociological dimensions of the spending of consumers
  • A critical analysis of the application of the model of communism in the society of the United Kingdom.
  • The impacts of international labor on the social norms of the United Kingdom
  • The divide of the blue-collar and white-collar jobs in the United Kingdom
  • The comparative study on economic models of capitalism and communism and the impacts they impose on the hierarchy of the society