When writing your own dissertation abstract, it is important that you remember some core components that take hold of the whole document. By knowing these components, you will be able to use some common expressions that could be seen in the most prolific abstracts and studies available to students like you. Here are some of the expressions and components as follows:

Composing Your Exposition Background

This part will introduce the history and purpose of the whole document. With these expressions, you will be able to give the reader an idea as to why you have chosen the topic and what lies in store for the audience and for those who are interested in the study.

Note that you should always start with this study or exposition as your main subject. Your initial expression should start with “This study/exposition…

  • Would like to explain
  • Aims to explore
  • Aims to point out
  • Measures the impact of
  • Focus is on the development and growth

If you are going to refer to herself as the subject, you can write this in such a way that would show off your primary role in the development of the study. Here are some examples:

  • I would like to investigate…
  • Correlate the previous data…
  • Take part in the evaluation…

Common Terms Used
When writing a dissertation, you would be able to use the terms fundamental, descriptive, indicative and the like. These terms explain the origins of a certain variable in the study. It also explains why a certain event happened within the course of the study. If you often see these words in any formal exposition, the writer is on the right track.

You can also use various expressions to lead your study into pertinent points of contention that need to be answered. If you see any questions within the study, it would most likely be presented in this manner:

This particular material would be further explored by answering the following questions:

  • [QUESTION 1] Furthermore, this study will be understood in a much more in-depth fashion with the second question: [QUESTION 2].

By following this syntax, you will be able to lead the reader into understanding further queries and responses regarding the study. Queries that would warrant further investigation down the line.

This is why it is important to take note of various expressions when it comes to writing a formal dissertation. You should definitely not underestimate the power of direct expression when it comes to engaging the audience on paper. And of course, if you feel that it’s not your area of expertise, you can turn to best dissertation editing services for help.