One of the toughest aspects of dissertation writing is getting the structure right and this is what necessitates dissertation help. There is a formal structure which has to be followed and failure to format your writing accordingly can lead to rejection of the entire work. In other cases, you might be forced to re-write and re-submit the paper in the right structure which takes even more time.

For these reasons, you need to get the dissertation structure right. Even if you are going to buy dissertation online, it is important to adhere to the following formatting rules, which are confirmed by professional freelance writers.

  1. Executive Summary
  2. In one page, this section says what has been investigated in the research, states importance of the paper, and summarizes the findings. This is always the last part to write before submitting the dissertation.

  3. Introduction
  4. This section answers the what/ why/ where/ which/ and how of your research. When properly written, this becomes the most crucial section of your dissertation.

  5. Research Proposal
  6. This is the gist of your paper and most dissertation writers will put most emphasis here. You have to state your research question (s) which you are then going to seek to answer through the study. Here, you will identify the area of research, propose a title for your work, compose a hypothesis, explain validity or rationale of the study and indicate aims and goals of your dissertation. You need to meet your professor regularly when coming up with the research proposal.

  7. Literature Review
  8. You are expected to give a critical review of the existing literature in the area of study. The idea is to show that there exists some rationale to go ahead with the study by showing other scholars have done some work on the area. The literature used must relate to the aims and objectives of the study and must also link to the proposal. If you are stuck, go online and search ‘someone to write my dissertation’ and you can then find a professional writer to partner with in your literature review. In this section, an MBA dissertation is best supported with analysis instead of diagrams. Make sure you conform to the required referencing style as per the project requirements.

  9. Research Methodology
  10. This section explains how you gathered data, proof that this was a valid and reliable method, the applicability of the method to the hypothesis, reasons, for choosing the method, intended data analysis, problems experienced with the chosen methodology.

  11. Data Presentation
  12. Here, you will present major findings in summarized forms and tools. Data is presented in raw form.

  13. Discussion of Results
  14. Based on the findings, you will demonstrate why the research was worth doing. You will interpret the data and address research questions you had raised earlier. This is a tough section but if you type ‘someone to do my dissertation’ on a search engine you can find an expert writer to help out.

  15. Conclusions
  16. This is a critique of your findings to come up with dispassionate observations from the research.

  17. Recommendations
  18. You should also include recommendations arising from your findings and more on what can be done to address the research concerns.

  19. References
  20. All materials and sources of information used must be included in the reference page strictly adhering to the referencing format used through the rest of the dissertation.